Experienced Storm Damage Restoration Services for Bel Air, MD, Homeowners

What’s the first thing to do if you have storm damage to your roof? You may think the answer is to call your homeowner’s insurance company, but there’s actually a step you should take before that: calling a storm damage restoration company. Of course, you may be hesitant to call one of these companies, worried that they’re just out for your money and will be long gone before any repairs are ever completed. Thankfully for you, there’s Chesapeake Remodeling Group. We have been providing storm damage restoration services to homeowners in Bel Air, Maryland, and the surrounding area since 2000, and you can trust that we will provide you with the dedicated, experienced services you need.

Why You Should Call Us First

By calling us before you call your insurance company, you can ensure your roof is inspected by a licensed company and all of the damage is accurately notated in your insurance claim. Plus, we’ll be there when the insurance adjuster inspects your roof to ensure all damage is documented. We can also help with filing the insurance claim and reviewing the insurance claim summary. You won’t have to be alone during any stage of this process!

Our Storm Damage Restoration Services

At Chesapeake, our team of trained and experienced craftsmen offer:

  • Roof repairs – If all you need are a few repairs to your roof, our experienced technicians can take care of that for you.
  • Roof replacements – We install premium shingle and flat roofs from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including GAF and CertainTeed. These high-performing systems will enhance your home’s curb appeal and offer great storm protection.
  • Other services – If you need your siding repaired or replaced due to storm damage, we can help with that as well.

To schedule an inspection with Chesapeake Remodeling Group, contact us today. We proudly offer hail and storm damage restoration services in Bel Air, MD, and the surrounding areas.

Offering Free Hail Damage Inspections & Roof Restoration Services in Bel Air, MD

When a hailstorm takes aim at your home or business, it’s only natural to worry whether your roof was damaged from the impacts. Smart property owners will take a look at their roofs after the storm has passed, inspecting them for any obvious signs of shingle damage. But it’s impossible to thoroughly inspect a roof from the ground, and it isn’t safe for property owners to climb onto their roofs, either. Moreover, it takes roofing expertise to identify all the damage that hail can inflict, then devise a roof restoration plan to address it.

That’s why, if you’re worried about hail damage to the roof of your home or business in the Bel Air area, you should turn to the roof restoration specialists at Chesapeake Remodeling Group. We provide free roof inspections, and we have the equipment and the expertise to thoroughly examine your roof for signs of hail damage. What’s more, as full-service roof restoration specialists, we can undertake any roof repairs or replacement that may be necessary. And we can even provide you with invaluable expertise in filing a claim with your insurance company.

Frequently Overlooked Signs of Hail Damage

Sometimes hailstones will smash into a roof so hard that the resulting dents or cracks in shingles are easy to spot. However, even small hailstones can knock the protective granules off your shingles, which can make your roof vulnerable to more extensive damage. It often takes a trained eye to spot this type of damage. Additionally, your roof inspector from our company will be sure to examine your roof vents, chimney flashing, and other components of your roof that may have been damaged by hail.

As roof restoration specialists, the roofers at Chesapeake Remodeling Group are adept at spotting hail damage on various types of roofs, including asphalt shingle, metal, shake, and commercial flat roofing materials. We’ve been in the local roofing business since 2000, and we expertly repair and replace many types of residential and commercial roofing. We take pride in our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and the fact that over 80% of our customers refer their friends and acquaintances to our company for roofing services.

The first step toward peace of mind after hail strikes your Bel Air home or business is to request your free hail damage roof inspection from Chesapeake Remodeling Group. Contact us today to get started.

Prompt Roof Restoration Services for Property Owners in Bel Air, MD

If you need your roof repaired after storm damage, there’s no time to delay. Doing so could lead to further problems with your property. That’s why Chesapeake Remodeling Group offers prompt storm damage and roof restoration services for homeowners and business owners in Bel Air, Maryland, and surrounding communities. We can inspect your roof, validate if filing an insurance claim is necessary, and then complete the repairs needed—all in a timely manner. We’re the long-standing roofing company that’s been trusted by locals since 2000.


Our Roof Restoration Services

We can complete two types of roof restoration services at your home or business:

Roof Repairs

We can replace shingles, repair gutters, replace flashing, and more to bring your roof back to its pre-storm condition. We usually recommend this option if you have minor-to-moderate storm damage.

Roof Replacement

If your roof damage is extensive enough that a full roof replacement is recommended, we can take care of that for you. We install premium roofing systems from GAF, CertainTeed, and TAMKO and our residential roof installations can be done in as little as a day. What’s more, our roof replacements are backed with a five-year workmanship warranty along with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.

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Turn to the pros at Chesapeake Remodeling Group if you need prompt roof restoration services after a storm. We serve homeowners and business owners in Bel Air, MD, and throughout the area. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection with our team.

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    Providing Storm Damage Restoration Services to the Baltimore, MD, Community

    If your home or business was recently damaged from hail or during another storm event, don’t reach out to just any company for help. Turn to the pros that have been doing it successfully since 2000: Chesapeake Remodeling Group. We have been firmly rooted in the Baltimore, Maryland, area since our founding, so we’re not a fly-by-night company that will be long gone if you need us in the future. We provide top-notch service, premium products, and a streamlined process, and we always do what we say we will, no matter what.

    The Storm Damage Process

    Call us before you call your insurance company to report the storm damage. We’ll be able to walk you through the entire insurance claims process and ensure you receive the maximum payout you are due. We will first do a full inspection of your property to identify the damage and then assist you with filing the insurance claim. We’ll be on site when the insurance adjuster arrives so we can make sure everything is properly documented. We can even go over the insurance claims summary with you to clarify any points.

    After that, we can complete all repairs and replacements necessary. Perhaps all you need are a few damaged shingles repaired—our expert technicians will quickly complete the work to get your property back to its pre-storm condition. If the damage is more extensive, such as needing an entirely new roof, we can take care of that as well. We are a seasoned roofing company that offers a wide range of premium systems from GAF, CertainTeed, and TAMKO, and we’ll be able to provide you with a roofing style that suits your needs.

    Hail Damage Is No Match for Our Roof Restoration Specialists in Baltimore, MD

    Your roof is the top warrior for your home or business, defending it against rain, snow, wind, and solar heat. But even the best roof may need repair or replacement after a bout with a hailstorm. And then what do you do? If you’re in the Baltimore, Maryland, area, you reach out to Chesapeake Remodeling Group. We take great pride in our top-notch roof restoration services, and we’re experts at identifying hail damage and providing the ideal solution to restore your roof to its former glory.

    Hail Size & Roof Damage

    It’s important to check your roof for damage after any hailstorm, even if you think your roof was pelted only with small hailstones. Hailstones as small as an inch or less in diameter can inflict damage to your roof that can weaken its shingles and make it more vulnerable to leaking. Moreover, hail can cause dents and dings that damage the appearance of your roof and thus diminish your home’s curb appeal. Your best course of action after your Baltimore home has endured a hailstorm is to contact the roof restoration specialists at Chesapeake Remodeling Group to request a free roof inspection.

    We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your roof, provide you with our expert opinion about whether roof repairs or replacement is your best option, and help you file a claim with your insurance company if warranted.

    Types of Roof Restoration We Perform

    Chesapeake Remodeling Group is a full-service residential and commercial roofing contractor, providing expert storm damage assessments, roofing repairs, and roof replacements. We install asphalt shingle roofing from top manufacturers, including GAF, CertainTeed, and TAMKO. We also install metal, shake, and EPDM flat roofing. We’ve been providing reliable roof restoration services and excellent customer service since our founding in 2000, and we maintain a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    If you’re worried about hail damage or any other type of storm damage to the roof of your home in the Baltimore area, contact Chesapeake Remodeling Group today for fast, efficient, and proficient roof restoration services.

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      Prompt & Professional Storm Damage Repair for Homes & Businesses in the Baltimore, MD, Area

      Storm damage to your home or business can be devastating, especially if several parts of your property are affected. In fact, even the loss of a few roof shingles can pose a significant inconvenience. But Chesapeake Remodeling Group can help you get your life back to normal quickly. We’ve been providing storm damage repair services to residents in the Baltimore, Maryland, area since 2000.

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