Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Jan 05, 2023

Hiring the right contractor, meaning one that has an outstanding track record, often comes down to asking the right questions. Whether you’re looking for a contractor to repair your roof or perform a full roof replacement, here are three questions that can help you narrow down your shortlist and make an evidence-based decision.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

Inquiring about the roofing contractor’s history is not the only way to tell if they provide quality work at a good price, but it certainly helps paint a picture. Roofing contractors that perform subpar work usually don’t stay in business very long. And the ones that do will more than likely have experience in the type of service that you need. Simply put, more years in business often means more varied and extensive roofing experience.

Do You Offer a Warranty for Your Roofing Work?

A roof warranty typically lasts for a year, but some roofing contractors offer longer warranties. Typically, the manufacturer covers the roofing materials, and the contractor covers the installation service. These are two separate warranties, so ask the roofer for the coverage and length of each warranty.

Can You Provide a List of References?

Ask for references, and feel free to contact a few of them. A good roofing contractor will be happy to show evidence of its quality roofing work and should have multiple examples for you to peruse.

Partner With a Highly Rated Roofing Contractor

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and a five-star rated on Google, Chesapeake Remodeling Group is a roofing contractor with a strong record of roofing excellence. What’s more, Chesapeake is affiliated with leading remodeling associations, like the National Roofing Contractors Association and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Since 2000, our team of home improvement professionals has served residents of Baltimore, Maryland, and nearby areas. We offer roof repairs, roof replacements, and storm damage restoration service, which includes expert assistance in filing your insurance claim. For more information about our roofing services, contact Chesapeake Remodeling today.

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